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The Dos and Dont of Video Surveillance

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By Admin July 27, 2019

If you are looking forward to set-up video surveillance in your office premises, then it's essential to know about the fundamentals that can keep your business sound safe in a holistic manner. The chances of theft and robbery are reduced to minimal, and their confidence is affected when you follow the prescribed way of utilizing video surveillance technology.

Apart from the proactive approach in preventing the act of theft, it is also essential to look for appropriate options in case of robbery and real theft. Then it becomes necessary to produce relevant evidence before the police and court of law. Consequently, it helps in reclaim of robbed assets.

We are aware of the advantages of monitoring our business with such technology. Therefore, it’s high time you know the Do’s and Don’t’s at the time of installation, and smoothly follow up.

Most important things, you should Do

Noticeable Placement and Height

CCTV or cameras are prone to be broken easily by perpetrators or any unworthy incident. Therefore, make sure to place the video surveillance equipment at a suitable height, most appropriately at rooftops. Wise placement can reduce the probable chances of damage and tampering.

Infrared Lights Can Easily Monitor at Night

Robbers often try to break-in during the silent hours at night. Thus, to keep tight and relentless surveillance, infrared and night vision capabilities of the security cameras must be checked before installation. The CCTVs will still work smoothly and uncompromised precision.

Don’t Let Rain and Wind Bother Your Security

For your cameras are installed in open weather, there is an excellent chance of getting dampened and heated. Therefore, before going for the setup, check for the water-resistant and insulating capabilities of the equipment. You cannot afford them to break down of open weather, leaving your security at tenterhooks.

Most important things, you should DON’T

Be Careful of the Camera Wires, Can Expose Your Security

The exposed wires are prone to wear and tear, also an easy target for the robbers. They can easily cut the wires down, blacking out your security, and making a lot of fortunes of their conspired plans. Therefore, to avoid the wires being tampered, put maximum efforts to keep them hidden from general vision.

Secure Your Entry and Exit Spots

Never let a robber hatch a smart plan, to evade your security cameras using the multiple weak and loose entry and exit sport in your premises. Cover every spot and keep a close eye. This will also help to keep a record of the people in and out of the premises.

Always Choose Experts, Never Install Yourself

On a serious note, one should never install the cameras on their own. Improper setup can leave weak spots in your security measures, prone to exploitation and time of the day. It can also pose problems with blur screen quality and often power failures.

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