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Tips To Buy Wireless Video Surveillance System

hikvision wireless cctv camera
By Admin July 21, 2019

You have done your first level of research and concluded that a wireless surveillance camera system is well-suited for your home security needs. Now, what’s the next step? Understanding how to go about choosing the best from what is available in the market. We know that buying a security system can be quite an overwhelming task so here we have listed 7 quick tips or parameters that you need to consider as you decide which is the best wireless video surveillance system for your house:

Wireless Video Surveillance System

Field Of Vision: Do you wish to capture a panoramic view of the front of your house or only need to know who’s knocking at the front door? Depending on the coverage you want, you will need to decide if you want a CCTV camera with a 90 degrees capacity angle, 140 degrees or something in between.

Night-Time Monitoring: Based on whether you want to get eyes on the area around the house or within the house during the night, you will have to decide on whether you need a CCTV camera with night vision. If you’re worried about stray animals or even squatters coming into your back yard for the night, you may want to install wireless home surveillance cameras in the vulnerable part of the house.

Video Resolution: you can safely stick to 1080 p resolution cameras. However, if clarity of picture is of extreme importance to you, then you may want to check out some of the high-range wireless video surveillance camera available in the market.

Customer Support Offered: A security system is an important part of your home’s ecosystem. You will need to know that you can count on the manufacturer in case you need urgent help or have maintenance issues. Brands like Bsil boast of a professional team of customer support executives who are trained to assist you in every way possible. Remember, you invest not only in the product but also the customer service offered by the manufacturer, so make sure you consider both while making a buying decision.

Audio Needs: Do you need audio with your visual feeds? If yes, do you need a one-way or a two-way audio feed? Based on this, you will have to decide which type of wireless video security system you want.

Available Security Updates: Ensure that your manufacturer has regular security updates for your wireless video surveillance security system to prevent any malfunctioning due to bugs or outdated software. Wireless security systems need to be updated regularly, or else some of their features may get restricted.

Cost Analysis: Finally, make sure that you are comparing the various wireless home surveillance systems for their features, specifications and pricing before arriving at a decision. Be astute but not stingy as this is about your home and family’s security.Keep these seven tips in mind as you decide which wireless surveillance home security system to invest in.

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