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About us

Business Systems India Limited has been serving many Business firms from over 25 years offering long term telecommunications, office automation equipments and security solutions to the small businesses as well as large businesses. BSIL is one of the leading telecom and security solution providers, which many firms prefer and it is …

What we do?

Our business is to nurture your business from conception to completion and beyond. Our mission is to provide tailored solutions for lighting, security, telecom and automation needs. Whether it is a small business or a large corporate firm, when it comes to the solutions, we are attentive and listen ardently …


Life made easy for BSIL residential customer

The presentation shows the way how BSIL helps its customers improve their LIFESTYLE. This is an abridged story of a typical day in the life of an upper middle class well to do family , living in an independent bungalow in Gurgaon, who came to us at BSIL with a very strange request. Download the presentation to Know more.

Why us?

Why we are successful in the eyes of our partners? What is the difference we make? Here are few reasons why thousands of patrons have chosen us: We are a Reliable company with steady management and finances Authorized channel Partner for TOP Brands like HONEYWELL/PANASONIC / ADI/HIKVISION/SCHNIEDER. PF/ESI for our employees Experts managing state of the …

Our Clients
Our Partners

I specifically like the quick response from the monitoring center when I have accidently caused a breach in the security system. I am confident that in a real emergency I can expect the same quick response.

– Mr Sanjay Kalia, Director- Periscope

When I call your office to ask question, I get a person not a recorded message. You are very fast to respond in case the alarm goes off. Everyone gives me the help I need without passing me from person to person. Thanks for your service.

– Mr. Manoj Gupta, our Residential Customer